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Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Mech Alive with Autobot Camshaft Bonus

Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Mech Alive with Autobot Camshaft Bonus

Transformers Optimus Prime Leader Class Mech Alive with Autobot Camshaft Bonus
Product By Hasbro

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Technical Details
  • Optimus Prime Leader class
  • Includes Deluxe Class Autobot Camshaft
  • Ages 5+

Product Description

Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Figure, includes Autobot Camshaft Deluxe Class. Batteries included, Ages 5+. 

Customer Reviews
 "Nightmare for adults of small children" 2009-12-31
By A. Burstein
Someone bought this for my sons for Christmas. The 6 year old got

Transformers Leader Optimus Prime and the 3 year old got Jetfire.

These toys are probably a wet dream for some Transformer fanboys because of their extreme attention to detail. But as children's toys they are horrific. The reason why is that they are nearly impossible to transform.

After spending about 30 minutes with each, I was unable to get them to satisfactorily transform into vehicle mode. When I started with Jetfire, I didn't realize that they came with instructions. When I worked on Optimus however I found that he came with a 25 step process to transform him. I thought I would have better luck with the instructions. But to no avail. I just could not get some of the pieces to fit right, and following the instructions was difficult.

These toys are amazing works of design, but transforming them from robot to vehicle form is just not fun. I can't imagine it being fun even if it were to work properly. In the movies and comics, the transformation process looks cool, but the reason why is it is so fast and smooth. It shouldn't take half an hour to transform between modes. I assume with practice I might be able to drop that to 5 minutes. But 5 minutes is 4 minutes and 55 seconds longer than it should take.

I actually liked the transformers from when I was a kid. They were simple and fun to transform... these are a nightmare.

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