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Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Hasbro Premium Action Figure

Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Hasbro Premium Action Figure

Transformers Movie Hasbro Leader Action Figure Premium Optimus Prime
Product By Hasbro Toys

Lowest Price : $97.99

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Technical Details

  • Features super detailed decoration and a movie accurate head
  • Advanced auto morph technology triggers electronic lights and sounds
  • Robot transforms quickly into a truck and back again
  • Batteries included
  • Recommended for 3 years and up

Product Description

Transformers Leader Optimus Prime

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Customer Reviews

 "Transformers Leader Optimus Prime is one awesome toy!" 2009-07-19
Just to tell you I bought this toy about a year ago, but I didn't create a review.

This toy is really awesome. In robot mode, the head is really movie accurate. However, it's not really movie accurate, and also the back red parts fall over frequently. The energy sword does fall off, so now I don't really use it and when I do, I pretend it's the Ion Blaster. The feet are annoying because for one foot the toes always want to fold back. Despite that Optimus Prime's robot mode is pretty cool.

In vehicle mode, the windshield looks odd, due to the circles on it. The lines on the grill (due to the transformation) are odd. I really liked the flame design. The "horn" sound is a nice addition as well. Overall, the truck mode is pretty awesome.

The box did cheat a little. The picture on the box showed blue lights for both the "horn" and the Automorph Technology. However, the lights were yellow.

Overall, Transformers Leader Optimus Prime is one awesome Transformer.

 "Great Optimus without a gun" 2009-03-01
By Yong Guan (East Lansing, MI USA)
I bought a used one for about 30 dollars.

It is said no box.

But I couldn't find the gun.

I emailed the seller but didn't get any reply

So I bought a new leader optimus for collection and this one is for fun.

 "Transformers Leader Optimus Prime Premium lives up to its name.............." 2009-01-07
By W. Chesher (Long Beach, CA USA)
This toy fits the bill. The lights and sounds are cool. When the head pops out of the Truck it makes a very nice mechanized sound effect.

The transformation takes a few minutes, it is detailed and yet straightforward. The arms, legs and joints are sturdy, but there are a very few plastic areas that can pop off and are easily popped back on (looks as if it was designed that way).

The gun/sword pops out like a switchblade (very nicely done) and becomes part of the trailer hitch mechanism when it is transformed.

All in all, the toy is superbly engineered. (it really rolls like a semi when transformed). The most impressive factor is the sturdiness & weight; they just do not make toys this solid any more (and they couldn't have made one this intricate)

On a last note, this is the toy my son is playing with after Christmas was over. Teaching him how to transform it was fun. Recommendation: Throw away the instructions and spend some time figuring out how to transform it back and forth.

 "Amazing" 2009-01-05
By Ligia A. Rivera Toledo (Guatemala)
Compre este juguete para mi hijo de 8 años, es sorprendente como lo entretiene, las piezas no se rompen ni se destraban el lo utiliza para pelear con otros muñecos y este soporta. Los detalles son muy buenos tanto como camion como robot el unico detalle que no me termina de convencer es que tanto a el como a mi hijo nos ha costado muchisimo cambiarlo de robot a camion y viceversa, quiza con el tiempo tomemos practica y lo logremos hacer mas facilmente. El juguete es sorprendente, lo recomiendo al 100% personalmente le agregaria un manual muuuuuuuuucho mas detallado de como cambiarlo de forma.

 "Transformers Leader Optimus Prime" 2008-08-19
By Christine W. Elliott (middle earth)
This is a highly detailed, movie accurate version of Optimus Prime. To start with, his robot mode looks fantastic. He comes with a energy sword that can be flipped out from his arm. The vehicle mode is awesome as well with some nice "premium" touches to the color. My favorite thing about the toy is that i'ts so big, standing at about 10 inches.

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